Burmese Python Cages

Landscaping your backyard can be a demanding job both mentally and physically. The same case remains when it comes to selecting the best Burmese python enclosure system, but if you want to get a quality one, resources and research are essential. The door of a snake cage ought to be secure enough, and the interior should also be well protected from moisture damage. These are some of the factors to consider highly while looking for a good cage.

If you are buying a Burmese python cage, it is recommendable to educate oneself before you make a purchase. The internet is surely a goldmine of information while researching about these cages. Nevertheless, you should be sure to keep the objective in regards to what you require as just anyone can publish their own opinion on the internet. It is advisable to find a website from a renowned manufacturer that you can trust e.g. Custom Cages, and you can then confidently take their advice to heart.

The Burmese pythons are giant and magnificent snakes. They may not have the length of the reticulated python, but they have a girth that the Retics do not. A majority of them have been documented to have around 300 pounds and large lengths of at most 20 feet. They do grow rapidly, but eventually, the growth rate slows when they attain a height of 10 feet.


Due to their large sizes, the Burmese python enclosures should also be large. One adult should have its cage not less than 4 feet wide and 8 feet long and 3 feet tall but the larger, the better. These cages most of the times have to be custom made tanks, and they can be costly or even hard to find. The babies can be kept in the 10-20 gallon tanks for a few months, but due to their rapid growth, these tanks must be quickly upgraded to fit their sizes as they grow.

The naturalistic tanks may also be used for the babies, but for adults, the tank should not be setup with a lot of décor as the snakes can destroy the décor with their movements in the cage. The best substrate to use for the Burmese pythons is the cypress bark that can be found in places such as the Home Depot. You should just be sure that the bedding is purely cypress but not mixed. These bags are usually cheap and also include a lot of bedding which helps save money while cleaning up after these messy monsters.

Nothing is much more essential than security. You ought to always have a high-security method, and the best thing is to have several locks with any species just to be sure. A snake escaping from the cage is not okay at all. The Burms may escape and even kill people, and this causes a huge hit on reptile keeping hobby. A good Burmese python enclosure system should be safe and secure always. With the above factors, you now have the top considerations for your snake’s cage.